Tuning in to something new!

As a lifelong guitar player, I have lived a fluid life. While traveling the world and sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands in said world, I have enjoyed opportunities and experiences that can be elusive for many in such a competitive field. The “tour guitarist” life, while having moments of elation, couldn’t last forever. Taking all thing into account, I made the decision to leave that tumultuous environment in search of stability and constancy.

Once you fall in love with something like I had with the guitar, it is near impossible to completely walk away and as expected, post “Pro Guitarist” life wasn’t exactly void of the instrument itself. Shortly after officially stepping away from the touring world, while perusing the wares of a local guitar store, I was approached and offered a position. This amazing offer afforded me the stability and structure that I was seeking while also being oriented around something that I truly loved! As we came up on four years of working in a retail guitar capacity, I feel that have essentially maxed out the potential that venture afforded me. As often the case, the quest to expand and search for growth leads to something completely new.

During the course of researching potential career change options, software development seemed to continuously show up on the radar. After delving into what being a “software engineer” actually means, the idea of creating and using logic based problem solving absolutely stood out as something that I had to be involved with. Taking aptitude tests and enjoying the beginner exercises that I found online just further reinstated the initial feeling that I had about the field and my new passion: coding!